About Us
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About Us

K&M Creative is an international boutique marketing agency specializing in luxury tourism and hospitality, fashion, VIP Services and luxury goods. The company was founded in London in 2013 and has already been established as a global expert on high net worth audiences and affluent lifestyle behavior.

With a constant dynamic presence in Greece, United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, K&M Creative is the ideal solution for companies and brands that are looking for an international, luxury-oriented, marketing communications approach. The agency offers a variety of integrated marketing communication services including visual communication and advertising, digital marketing and PR.

Similar to the creations of a master tailor, all of our marketing solutions have been specifically designed to match the objectives and needs of every individual client. From the first moment a client steps into our office, our Account Executives work tirelessly to collect the appropriate information that will allow us to devise a strategy that will deliver both effective and efficient results.

We are among the very few marketing agencies in Europe that has the capacity to comprehend the particularities that define the international luxury market. We understand what High Net Worth Individuals want, which is why we can actually help our clients interact with this hard- to reach audience, through our cultural influencer connections, deep market insights and unique media distribution channels.